Welcome to Therapeutic Awakenings, LLC, a clinical practice providing individual, couple, and family therapy in Chester County.  


At different points in our lives, we face challenges that can leave us feeling uncertain or unable to continue on our own.  Times of challenge can often end up being opportunities for growth--moments of awakening--if we let them.  Allowing yourself permission to take care of yourself is the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life. 


Please contact me to learn more about my practice and how I might best be able to serve you.

Best wishes from Therapeutic Awakenings, LLC

My Approach To Therapy

My training as a licensed marriage and family therapist has greatly influenced my approach to therapy.  As the client, you are the most important person in our relationship and therapy will greatly reflect your goals.  In addition, I conceptualize each of us as constantly being in relationship--with ourselves as well as with others.  I believe that these relationships serve as the primary motivation to improve the quality of our lives. Thus, therapy will be a journey of discovering how all of these relationships affect us and, in turn, how we affect them.   


Whether you attend therapy alone or with significant others, we work collaboratively to determine the pace, content, and process of therapy.  It is most important to me that you feel comfortable with our therapeutic relationship and feel able to always have open, honest, and direct communication with me.  It is my pleasure to be on this journey with you and witness your awakening. 

My Clinical Practice

I maintain a clinical practice serving individuals, couples and families with the following issues: 


Adjusting to Change/Life Transitions


Body Image

Adolescent Issues

Communication Problems


Eating and Food Issues

Family of Origin Issues

Family Problems

Identity Issues


Relationships and Marriage

Self Care

Self Esteem

Self Harm

Women's Issues

Young Adult Issues